Individual development. Specifications far away from off-the-rack products

The majority of our customers are innovation leaders in their segment. They are often market leaders in a specific niche in their industry, such as in the field of special UV drying processes, innovative applications in medical technology, or new products in the growing e-mobility sector. Even if the end products are differ greatly, the task for the development is often similar. Our customers mostly have individual requirements for the power supply of their products. Their special requirements can only be met by “off-the-rack” products or adjusted standard products with limitations or not at all. That is why we develop individual power supplies that are tailored to the needs of our customers. Whether it’s special input and output parameters, special operating conditions, or challenging available space in the terminal equipment – our development engineers always find the best solution.

Our team of developers. Experts with a hands-on mentality

Above all, our development engineers are characterized by their hands-on mentality. Their high level of education and their deep application knowledge combined makes them experts in the development of individual power supplies. This can be seen, for example, in the accompaniment of the sample production on the later internal production line, or the novel solutions that we promote through our out-of-the-box thinking and acting. Our customers also appreciate this, for example when defining their specifications, for which we gladly rely on the support of our engineers.

For our product developers, the project is not completed even after the release of the pre-production samples; Due to their proximity to production, the engineers accompany the production of “their” projects over the entire product life cycle. In this way we ensure high manufacturing stability, can react quickly to changing requirements, and always have a specialist contact person for all employees involved in the production.

Our development process. Step by step to mass production

As unique as the power supplies developed by us are, the requirements for integration into the customer’s own development process are just as unique. With the help of our 100 years of development experience, we enable the integration that makes the most sense for the customer and the overall project. Whether the final product is developed using the classic waterfall model, agile, or SCRUM – we always succeed in finding just the right integration.

Our internal product development is based on our proven development process. We constantly improve it and adapt it to the respective conditions and changes. Thanks to a structured approach, we are able to meet the agreed-upon deadlines and at the same time develop the best possible power supply.

Collaboration from the beginning. Specification thought out together

A project for the development of an individual power supply often starts with the usual functional specification. Even when the specifications are being drafted, our development engineers are in intensive communication with the customer’s developers. Our engineers are valuable partners for the structured collection of requirements. They help to find the best balance between what is hypothetically possible and what are actually meaningful specifications. Thanks to this uncommonly early integration, complex or dispensable requirements can be identified, evaluated, and adjusted as needed. And thus even before the first functional specifications it’s guaranteed that the production of the planned power supply is later feasible.

Transparent communication. Knowing where the project stands

Achieving customized solutions requires more than just an experienced team and a structured development process. Equally important are clearly defined conditions that all parties can trust. Agreed-upon milestones and regular review meetings help to verify and ensure the project’s success. Thanks to continuous contact and fixed jour fixe meetings with the development team, everyone stays on the same level. Our customers are thus always in the know about where things stand with their development project.

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